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  1. desade

    сервер офф

    when it will be online ?
  2. desade

    сервер офф

    they are making some fixes in datacenter,soon will be online i think
  3. desade

    Garden of Eva - Isthir

    Hello,in Garden of Eva location mob Master Ishtir is missing...he spawns randomly in this location,with high respawn but he is missing on this server...also Daily missions for Water Spirit Evolution Stone and other attribute Evolution stones are not refreshing every day as they should
  4. desade

    Дроп с мобов

    Raid Boss Varka Hero Shadith dont have drop and XP
  5. tryed another nick,same error
  6. this error we are getting when we try to donate
  7. desade

    Теневое оружие .

    ah ye i forgot about this...when u start,you can buy in alt+b D set and nograde dualswords(100+ patk,51 mAtk)
  8. desade

    Теневое оружие .

    if for D grade and C grade,they should be as reward for class quests
  9. desade

    Теневое оружие .

    what Shadow weapons you mean ?
  10. desade

    РБ 50+ уровня

    so if i understand right..rb Death Angel uses barrier skill ?
  11. desade

    WTB BW Parts HVY/Robe

  12. i think its litte bit increased
  13. desade


    ok,i will stream as much as i can :)